The award-winning Seaside Grown brand emerged from our very own century-old tomato farm, deeply rooted in South Carolina’s Lowcountry.

At the core of our success is our belief that every customer should be able to find a brand that places top priority on pure taste made from the earth. Every product we make is fresh… so fresh that it is literally coined Field to Glass®.


Part of what sets a Seaside Grown® product apart from the competition is the unprecedented traceability of the ingredients used. We can tell you down to the acre of the field in which the fruit / vegetables were harvested. And, hand-picked fruit is just the beginning… Our products are bottled in our very own co-packing facility, The Frogmore Bottling Company. We know everything about each of them, literally from the time the fruit was planted in the field to time we put them in the glass.

Our first products were launched in 2018, 115 years after our family started the first commercial tomato farm on the East Coast. We’ve been steady adding new products to our portfolio and when we aren’t the farmer, we source other local farmer’s produce, guaranteeing the same traceability. 


The idea to support other local farmers stemmed from the success we found in the value-added products we created from our own harvests. Sustainability among family farms is hard work, Seaside Grown helps other farmers by purchasing their produce that is too ripe for the consumer market at harvest. This beautiful, ripe produce would have otherwise been tilled back into the earth, or in other words… wasted.

A symbiotic relationship between Seaside Grown and American farms was born, and this is why today, we are The Local Farmer’s Brand.™

Click here or scan the QR code on the side of the glass to meet the farmer who grew what’s inside!


We support American Farmers of all kinds, sourcing all of our ingredients locally, especially produce. We recently joined the Demand American Grown movement. Their mission is to empower growers and consumers to fight for the American farm, making our country strong economically and environmentally. To learn more visit DemandAmericanGrown.com