History repeats itself each Spring at Chisholm field.

Just after the last frost, on a pretty little peninsula just across the sound from Hilton Head Island, the Sanders Family plants the first seedling of what will become part of the 25-million pound annual harvest of God’s finest tomatoes.

Tradition was born one hundred and fifteen years ago in this very field and today, a family celebrates their heritage, sharing their love of farming estate-grown, hand-picked, vine ripe tomatoes with the world.

Farm to Table

Field to Glass

While 25-million pounds of our Sea Island Pure™ tomatoes make it to your local grocer and restaurateurs, a few million pounds cannot withstand the shelf life necessary to be sold in the marketplace, they are ripe and ready at harvest. This means only one thing … they will end up in our kitchen to be used in Sanders’ family recipes and sold as a product of our very own: Seaside Grown — A Sea Island Brand.

Want a Taste?

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